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Pavement art portraits and human characters by Ulla.

Bon Scott

 on a highway to heaven, with the Whisky devil and a High-voltage angel!
 Fremantle- Bon's burial town, his gravesite now has heritage listing.  I painted this in anticipation of the statue to be erected in Bon's honour.. something to tide the fans over with! Ulla Taylor 2006
Glimpsed on ABC TV 7.30 report, 24.5.07, "Local council backs rocker statue plans"

Space Cowboy

 Unlocking the door of mystery..!  Ulla Taylor 2006

Space Cowboy's show banner

 Painted touring canvas 1.2x 2m Ulla Taylor 2006

Going home from the fair

 PNE Vancouver Canada 2006.

Queens of Hearts-

Princess Diana and Mother Teresa, a tiny  memorial in Melbourne
 Melbourne pavement, worn and under rain Ulla Taylor 1996


Tennis players- Roger Federer, Marcos Baghdatis, Maria Sharapova, and Amelie Mauresmo at the Australian Open January 2006. Ulla and Peers Taylor pavement art, photo Peers ET 2006. Design by Tap Productions.
Photos of this artwork by Dennis Sabangan (Manilla-Euorpean Press Photo Agency) were featured in print and electonic press throughout Asia, Europe and the USA.


Tennis players at the Australian Open- Roger Federer, Marcos Baghaditis, Maria Sharapova, Amelie Mauresmo.  Tap Productions design, pavement art Ulla Taylor 2006.


The Lisa's..

"I've had fun over the years doing copies of the world's most famous painting and twisting it about.. I didn't like the Mona Lisa much, but now I do have big affection for her.  She always comes out differently, not like the original at all, and sometimes a bit rushed, I admit!!  But Leonardo painted Mona over many years, and the original is quite tiny.. Mine are created in a few days, in the heat, on dirty pavement surfaces, with hundreds of people asking me those (same three!!!) questions...  There are a few not included here, from the "olden" pre-digital days when I took terrible photos!

Ade-lisa Ulla Taylor 2007.

This was a huge picture for three days work in public(~3 x 2m), and photographed before completion. I would have liked to do more Adelaide icons..

Newie-Lisa Ulla Taylor 2007.

Under rain in Newcastle!!!  Rather large for a two day work


Mona Lisa on tour in Melbourne, with Melway street directory, Ozzie rules football, and umbrella. (Before the drought, Melbourne was known as a rainy-town)
 Melbourne pavement Ulla Taylor 1994


Freo Lisa

An allegory of Freo icons.  Freo Lisa drinks local red-back beer on the cappucino strip outside the Markets during the busker festival.  Seagulls steal her fish and chips under yellow sunflowers, while performers Lucky Rich, Rumplestiltskin, Flaming utterflies and Isobell Neccessary perform on the beach.  A white pointer chases a surfie in front of the Lewin square rig ship.  Freo Lisa'a dreadlocks blow in the "Doctor" wind, her Dockers Football jersey is pinned with the Aboriginal landrights flag, she wears a peace pendant, and is burning incense whilst reading about the dingo flour silo...
Feature photo in the Fremantle Herald that week.

Freo Lisa II

The mona reads the local paper with a cockatoo outside the Fremantle gaol, with the spirits of convicts and Ngoongar people who died there
Fremantle pavement, WAustralia Ulla Taylor 2002



Slim Dusty

An Australian country music legend.
Gone to have a beer with Duncan, at the pub with no beer?
Queenscliffe Music Festival,  pavement.  Ulla Taylor 2005



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