Painting by Ulla

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Studio paintings, Art commissions, and scenics.

Please see the thematic gallery for more public artworks, and the Facebook album for works available in studio or out on exhibition.

Ulla is a Fine Art graduate in painting and sculpture.  She exhibits her work in galleries intermittently, has designed and painted scenic art and sets for theatre and TV.  She creates most of her work in the public creating pavement murals. 

Sulphur crested cockatoo Mr Boots painting by Ulla Taylor Australian wildlife art.jpg (474587 bytes)

Mr Boots 

30 x 40 cm acrylic on canvas 2016


Pink_cockatoo_Major_Mitchell_art_postcard_Ulla_Taylor.JPG (26085 bytes)

Pink Cockatoo, aka Major Mitchells

Private collection, Melbourne Ulla Taylor 2007

New Holland Honeyeater postcard Ulla Taylor.JPG (86011 bytes)

New Holland Honey Eater

Ulla taylor 2015


Fan Tail on Japonica painting Ulla Taylor.jpg (243106 bytes)

Fan Tail on Japonica (Hunting on the Yuppeckiar Creek)

 Private Collection, Melbourne 2016


Helmetted Honey Eater

 Victoria's state bird emblem, commissioned by Info Vic Melbourne Ulla Taylor 1996 Detail of large work, painted at the Royal Melbourne Show Government pavilion, on display somewhere in Victoria

"Heritage Victoria"

Display painting for Heritage Victoria, Government Pavilion at the Royal Melbourne Show, via InfoVic.
Ulla Taylor 1997.

Painted Lady in Suburbia

 Melbourne Ulla Taylor 2006
30 x 30 cm acrylic on canvas

Ulla painting on the basement set for Annie the Musical

 Ulla at Scenic Studios circa 2000 photo Mark Ogge, paintwork Ulla, Design, construction, textures other artists..
Backyard Ulysses butterfly fairy art postcard Ulla Taylor .JPG (60065 bytes)

The Backyard Ulysses- Urban Fairy

Exhibited at Intrude Gallery December 06 Melbourne Ulla Taylor 2006.
30 x 50 cm acrylic on canvas
Blue Wren on Wattle painting by Ulla Taylor Australian wildlife art.jpg (680065 bytes)

Blue Wren on Wattle

 Acrylic on Canvas 40x 30 cm 2017

50's car

painted for Scenic Studios, Melbourne 2002

Death Row near Pemberton

The Great South West Forest.. Jane Block Ulla Taylor 1996

Green with Ivy

Acrylic on masonite


Mixed media on masonite

Mopoke Moon

Private Commission, Melbourne 2002
Fairies_in_flowers_art_by_Ulla_Taylor.jpg (99230 bytes)

Fairies in Flowers

 © Ulla Taylor 2003
Commissioned by Michelle Wakeford, artwork in USA.


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