Project Pavement Art Workshops and 3d street painting

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Great community engagement events suited to festivals, school holiday programs and community events. 

Each of these workshop elements (Display, Workshop, and Public Participation) can be tailored to your requirements and project timelines, and can be used to focus on specific themes.

Ulla's workshops have covered thousands of metres of dull concrete with colourful, hand crafted, fun images- and for over 25 years, her wonderful pavement art has inspired and amazed people the world over.

 Forest dragon Cairns Buskers' Festival 2012

Feature- 3d street painting display                                       

Ulla creates a spectacular street painting within a focal area of your community or event site.  Ulla often creates “3d”, anamorphic drawings which can last for many months on the pavement.  Once nearing completion- typically the last day of the event- passers by are invited to interact with the drawing, posing in the scene and having their photo taken and often sharing that on social media.  Ulla often paints local endangered animals, but her work can be adapted to any theme or topical issue, see Galleries.



Intensive pavement art workshop

Ulla works with ~10 senior high/university/ adult artists  over a day or more, to create their own artworks,eg-
Day 1 – (Morning) Intro to materials/ tools, techniques, history – tips on being a busker and a professional artist.
(Afternoon) "Street gallery"- participants get a feel for the material, surface, have fun in a non-daunting format.  Informational handouts included, and optional homework.. sketching for the next day and packing extra items for their busker bag as discussed /required.

Day 2 - Participants work on a street drawing using professional quality pastels for the day, with advice and assistance from Ulla. 

The end result is a beautiful conTemporary gallery on the street.

Rubyanna drawing on the pavement in Ullas pavement art workshop cairns.

Public Workshop

“Art Snake for Art’s sake” and other designs.

Ulla paints out  the "Art Snake" (or other) design,  allowing ~120 spaces for passers-by of all ages to come and draw what they like in the giant serpent design.

Public work on their drawings for 5 minutes to an hour or more, depending on their energy/inspiration and time, and can colour multiple spaces if they wish (they can stay all day).
This activity can easily be extended to two or more days if the space and population of the location allow.

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