Myth, Fantasy and Fun art

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There is always room for more fantastic beings on Earth!

... Street paintings and canvasses on Fantasy and Fun themes by Ulla Taylor:)

Myths - Fairies and Fairy tales - Dragons - Angels - Silly Stuff

Painted Lady Butterfly Fairy

Acrylic on canvas ~30c x 40 c

by Ulla Taylor © 2006

Unreal Banana Peel.....Just Look!

© Ulla Taylor, 2013 St Kilda

Pirate's Chess Game street drawing
 Edmonton Fringe Festival Canada
© Ulla Taylor, Aug 2004.

Fay Alyssum under the moon (detail)

Melbourne © Ulla Taylor 2004

Fairies in Flower

Melbourne © Ulla Taylor 2004

Persephone, farewell to Spring

 Melbourne © Ulla Taylor 2001


A trapeze over the circus. Headlining artist at Chalk the Walk, sponsored by Cirque du Soleil's Varekai.   © Ulla Taylor 2006.



 Oil on board © Ulla Taylor 1990


Cassandra cursed by Apollo

Acrylic on canvas Melbourne© Ulla Taylor 1993

The Dragon Smaugalia
Melbourne © Ulla Taylor, 2004.
Fried egg (on a Rainy Day....)
It had been hot enough to bake an egg on the pavement, until the tornado came..© Ulla Taylor, July 2004.Edmonton International Street Performers' festival...


 Asphalt in Windsor Canada, Canada © Ulla Taylor 2001


Athene Hephaistia

Nearly finished...Acrylic on canvas Melbourne© Ulla Taylor 1997

Thumbelina's Triumph

 Acrylic on canvas Melbourne © Ulla Taylor 2004
 Acrylic on canvas painted Melbourne © Ulla Taylor 2004

Launching pad over fantasy city
Christchurch World Buskers festival


More paintings coming soon as this domain grows... 
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