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Ulla has performed at festivals and events as a pavement artist and street painter since 1987, and has toured extensively as a solo artist. Her work ranges from community art at festivals creating original images of celebration... to fine handcrafted street paintings for government departments, businesses and corporations. 

Corporate art

With over 30 years experience as a street artist, Ulla has great skill in producing high quality pavement art.

Tailored to specific sites, themes and audiences, Ulla's work is a highly versatile performance art form, and also an attention grabbing artwork..

 Ulla Taylor pavement art Titanic lifeboat with punters Melb MuseumIMG_0932.jpg (102625 bytes)

Corporate Gallery

Whether painting on pavements, walls, canvas, walls, imported pavers, paper or anything else, Ulla pays attention to both the detail and deadlines with a smile..

Ulla's happy clients in the corporate world and government bodies include:


Melbourne Museum


Air New Zealand


Information Victoria


Heritage Victoria


Tourism Australia (Hong Kong)


Telstra Countrywide


Royal Melbourne Zoo


Local councils Australia wide

elephant_in_the_room_White_ribbon_day_bendigo_3d_chalk_pavement_art_illusion.jpg (148380 bytes)

White Ribbon Day in Bendigo, Hargreaves Mall

More info in Corporate Gallery

Festival pavement art

Ulla has worked at many prestigious arts and performance festivals worldwide, and is frequently invited to return to events year after year.

Ulla's Gallery has many of her festival art images arranged by theme.

Her "screeving" or street mural, is crafted in brilliant, ephemeral Fine Art chalk pastels, and literally creates a new perspective on the grey street, delighting and amazing pedestrians of all ages.

The street paintings are created on brick, asphalt, and concrete surfaces.  Created over days, the artwork fades as it is worn away by the elements.  Ulla's fine pavement art is exceptionally photogenic and attracts avid interest from visual media.

Ulla is a consistent prize winner in pavement art competitions.  She has won prizes at Geldern International Street Painting Festival Germany, Massey street painting festival Canada, and  Chalk the Walk Sydney and Melbourne Streetworks Festival.

Since 1987, Ulla has made the creation of public, democratic art her career.

Pavement art workshops are also great at festivals for public participation. 

Workshops and public particpation events

With a Graduate DIploma in Art/Craft, a "Working with Children" card and a child of her own, Ulla's workshops are not only a fun event but are educational as well.

Detailed information on her tailored workshops can be found on the Workshops page.

Brief History of pavement art- Ulla's version.

"Pavement art has a very long world wide history dating back to ancient times.  Art has been created in public spaces for ceremony, information and good luck for millennia.  Historical incidents of pavement art are recognised around the world.  A few examples include.. Medieval Maddonarri in Italy drawing holy pictures,  East Indian Rangoli designs used for good spirit, home and guest customs, traditionally, generationally and currently. Screever's are also recorded in English literature, and English (colloquial) dictionaries.

..and before there were pavements, there were caves!!

Pavement art was popular before the printing press as a media for mass information, and community bonding, and it's presence on the street still attracts an enthusiastic response from passers by, and modern media.  

The digital camera age has heralded a Renaissance of street painting, taking the ephemeral art form into digital permanence, and popularising "3-D", anamorphic illusions."

Most images are stored in Thematic Galleries

Corporate & Government

Myth, Fantasy & fun

Portraits & characters



Ulla's street painting is- crowd pleasing :)


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